Arbane Groupe showcased new audio hardware and software at JTSE 2023

Arbane Groupe exhibited at the JTSE trade fair in Paris. The French audio manufacturer showcased its brand new amp racks (TOURACK & UNIRACK) as well as the proprietary AMI software on the main stand while organizing NESS binaural listening sessions in a dedicated stand.

Seven NESS sessions were also scheduled in a dedicated demo space. Attendees to the Arbane Groupe stand could discover APG’s UNIRACK and TOURACK amp rack solutions, designed to protect audio equipment under the most extreme conditions while enabling trained in-house technicians for faster and more efficient installation of APG products. APG’s UNIRACK was a portable 3U fly case, boasting 4-in/4 DSP modules/4 powered outputs; TOURACK was a modular 10U rack, offering 8-in/8 DSP modules/8 powered outputs.

Arbane Groupe also showcased its brand new Audio Modular User Interface AMI, a single and scalable control software spanning across the entire Arbane Groupe range of products (APG & Active Audio). Available for PC, MAC, and tablet users, AMI’s multi-platform interface featured a digital console-style layout and was also compliant with ergonomic standards, responsive, and optimized for touch screen.

JTSE visitors had a chance to attend 20-minute NESS listening sessions on a dedicated listening space (Dock Haussmann) during show hours. APG’s NESS was the industry’s first-ever 100% free spatialization software developed by a manufacturer. APG recently released a free v1.2.0 upgrade to the software, adding support for binaural listening, an improved reverb engine, and a new, easier-to-use graphical user interface.

Among the new NESS features was a new routing matrix interface that displayed all loudspeaker groups simultaneously on a single screen; the ability to start, stop, or pause all audio ‘objects’ movements simultaneously; automatic saving of sessions and spatial sound mapping configurations; as well as an update to its TouchOSC interface.


The JTSE provided a wonderful opportunity for us to connect with our peers and share our latest developments with industry professionals. We were excited to host NESS listening sessions for the first time and allow attendees to experience the high-quality and immersive sound as close as possible to market expectations, commented Eric Grandmougin, marketing director at Arbane Groupe.

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