Highlighted sports events featuring Yestech's MG Series in the last decade

In the last year, the sports events at the National Stadium in Beijing and the Lusail Stadium in Qatar broadcasted the sporting spirit to the entire world, bringing the joy of sports and the power of effort. China has recently come together with friends from around the world to share the power of youth, and the excitement of sports in 2023 continues.

Behind these marvels, each opening and closing ceremony has its "signature," with powerful themes, dazzling stages, and rich elements that leave a deep impression on people.

When it comes to the dazzling stage, the "star" product of the Yestech MG series is a "regular guest," frequently appearing on the stage of major international events with more than 30 patented advantages and the unique character of "a universal screen and a versatile screen."

A quick look at some of the most dazzling facilities created in recent years.


2014 FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremony in Brazil

Yestech sports events 1 HI

2022 Beijing Winter Olympics Beijing Award Plaza

Yestech sports events 2 HI

Yanqing Award Plaza of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Yestech sports events 3 HI


Shougang Torch Relay Site of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Yestech sports events 4 HI


2023 Portuguese Super Cup

Yestech sports events 5 HI

2014 Incheon Asian Games

Yestech sports events 6 HI


Scenes and facilities at Yestech's MG series sports events continue.


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