The new Mosaic FX100 series of outdoor lights

The modular design of Mosaic FX100, by Prolights, offers a versatile configuration and customization of projectors. Each unit features two animation discs, a slot for colors or images, and a wide selection of optics ranging from 15° to 70°.

The Mosaic FX100 series consists of two models: the Mosaic FX100, equipped with a 100W white LED source, available in gray and black bodies, and the Mosaic FX100FC, with a 100W RGBW LED source, also available in gray and black bodies.


These projectors are incredibly easy to customize: the effects are easily mounted from a top door, and the images and wheels are installed magnetically. Additionally, the Gobo Holder allows indexing the image in the slot through a manually adjustable gear accessible from the outside of the projector.


Mosaic FX100 offers a wide selection of lenses to adapt to both long-range and close-range applications, providing flexibility in projector positioning. Optics options include FLEX from 15° to 70° for animations and images, 30° and 50° for images, and 30° and 50° for animations.

Prolights Mosaico 3 HI

Controlling these projectors is easy thanks to the standalone mode accessible through the rear knobs, or via DMX/RDM with both wired and wireless light controllers, thanks to the built-in CRMX radio card.

Finally, these projectors can be complemented with optical accessories using the anchor points on the front of the lights, such as solar screens, anti-tampering systems, and supports for mounting on poles or flat surfaces.

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