STS Productions and Lightworx invest in Infinity Raccoons

As a company that specialises in light, sound and image, STS Productions offer a variety of services, including rental equipment, while Lightworx are involved in (theatre) technical production, audiovisual services and light design.

As close collaborators, investing in a number of lights that both could use made a lot of sense.

Highlite STSProductions 3 HIWith 14 powerful 4-colour LEDs on board and a light engine that ensures accurate and consistent colours, the Raccoon P14/4 is a versatile light fixture with a lot to offer. Its ability to switch from a high-brightness mode to a high-quality mode offers even more flexibility and its adjustable PWM ensures flicker-free free operation in front of cameras too. What’s more, its IP65 rating means the Raccoon P14/4 is also suitable for outdoor applications.


With such versatility, the Raccoon P14/4 PAR will be a worthy addition to the equipment that STS Productions and Lightworx work with.


Highlite STSProductions 2 HI

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