Claypaky shines at Prolight+Sound 2024

Under the motto Claypaky: leading through innovation. And Beyond, Claypaky celebrated its participation in the 2024 edition of Prolight+Sound. This year Claypaky emphasized the showcasing of its unparalleled technologies, aiming to demonstrate its innovation and trendsetting spirit.

This commitment extends beyond just products and technologies. The primary focus was on the latest addition to the “Multispectral family” – Rhapsodya, a unique fixture boasting exclusive features (ACCUFRAMETM, TONEDOWNTM, Absolute Position control, LINEGUARD, ACCUTUNE, COLORSTRING).

Claypaky recorrido PLS 2 HI   Claypaky recorrido PLS 3 HI


Claypaky hosted a pre-recorded product presentation, including a short light show lasting about 12 minutes, which run every hour. Following the demo, the Buddylight automated followspot was showcased in action during a special performance on stage, featuring the singer Nevio Passaro.


Claypaky presented some innovative lighting solutions as a world premiere:

  • Volero Cube: a compact IP66 fixture seamlessly merging beam, wash, and strobe effects. This brand new, multi-function, multi-effect moving head is a real “4-in-1 fusion fixture” boasting 4 powerful 60W RGBW LEDs and plus-shaped cool white LED strips for strobe that can be pixel-to-pixel controlled.
  • Orkis Cyc: is the game-changing cyclorama light from ADB by Claypaky. This innovative wall-washer combines the best of both worlds: theatrical color perfection with FLOW cutting-edge Active Liquid Cooling Technology. Built on a multispectral 6-color HCR LED technology, Orkis Cyc offers a wide selection of colors and precise dimming capabilities.
  • Mini-B Aqua PX: is the newest member of the Mini-B family, makes a splash across the board with its unbeatable mix of flexibility, lightweight design and lightning-fast pantilt movements. Mini-B Aqua PX inherits the core strengths of its predecessors, adding the pixel-to-pixel control of each LED.
  • Panify 2: this IP66 motorized platform redefines the possibilities of creative expression in the entertainment lighting industry. With its endless PAN operation and various speeds, it can handle fixtures up to 30 kilograms (66 pounds), giving you the freedom to set up unparalleled effects and providing precision and accuracy.


Claypaky recorrido PLS 4 HI   Claypaky recorrido PLS 5 HI



Like every year, ProLight+Sound has brought together our entire industry, offering the opportunity to meet renowned professionals and all our friends. We received very important feedbacks about our new products, that are also valuable guidelines for ongoing operations and future developments of our technologies, said Claypaky Sales Director Alberico D’Amato.

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