The new STRIKE from CHAUVET Professional

CHAUVET Professional presents its new STRIKE lineup, a revolutionary line of lighting equipment designed to captivate audiences like never before.


STRIKE Array 4C and STRIKE Array 2C

STRIKE Array 4C and STRIKE Array 2C are IPG5-rated audience blinders with four independently focusable modules. The intense RGBA-WW LED output offers a full range of colors as well as a wide variety of white color temperatures with exceptional color reproduction.

Chauvet StrikeArray4C 2 HIOffering the industry-leading dimming performance for which STRIKE Array fixtures are known, as well as Red Shift which warms the light color temperature as it dims to emulate a classic tungsten appearance. Variable PWM and high CRI make them the ideal blinders for broadcast applications.

Their patented tool-less mounting system allows STRIKE Array 4C and STRIKE Array 2C to easily interconnect with multiple Array units for scalable configurations. Omega-Bracket locks are also installed both on the bracket and on the back of the fixture to streamline the truss mounting process.



STRIKE Bolt 1C is an intense IPG5-rated strobe featuring integrated Smart Frost that allows this, the first of its kind, fixture to instantly transition from powerful strobe bursts to smooth color block effects.

Its patented tool-less stacking streamlines the interconnection of STRIKE Bolt 1C with STRIKE Array fixtures in stackable configurations to create unique blinder/strobe arrays. Multiple hanging points, end-to-end connections, and floor mounts provide maximum mounting versatility.


Its included hidden filter can be attached to make the fixture nearly disappear for on-camera use. STRIKE Bolt 1C offers a classic strobe appearance with modern performance, ideal for concerts, tours, festivals, and event productions in any environment, live or broadcast, indoor or outdoor.



Chauvet StrikeBolt1C 3 HI 


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