Absen highlighted LED innovation at ISE 2023

ABSEN showcased its innovative LED solutions at ISE 2023 highlighting its high-quality solutions designed for different applications covering both Rental and Fixed Installs including: Virtual Production, DOOH, Corporate Projects, Retail Settings, Gaming...


Absen in the new content production & distribution zone

Absen’s Esports & Gaming Showcase featured a 6m x 3m, 2.5pp LED wall as the backdrop, with a two-person gaming desk, fully kitted out and running a series of interactive games, thanks to support from Big Purple Productions. The set-up, in partnership with display technology rental specialists PSCo, part of the UK's leading trade-only distributor Midwich, showcased the enthralling gaming experiences that can be created, with the chance for attendees to join in.Absen Produccion

Alongside the booth, Sam Gordon, co-founder of Discover:Esports and Director at Big Purple Productions was sat down with Florian Rotberg in the adjacent ISE Content Production Studio to discuss the technology behind delivering such an immersive gaming experience. With over ten years’ experience in the AV industry, Sam has worked with many companies across the UK and has gained the necessary skills to help plan, create and deliver extraordinary shows and events. Sam’s role as Director involves client management through to stage production. Using his vast knowledge and experience, Sam uses the latest technology to produce sound, lighting and visual effects that make such events stand out from the rest.


This year’s ISE was a big show for us. Not only are we looking forward to our revolutionary new flagship Virtual Production solution, the PR 2.5 made its European trade show debut, but it was also a chance for Absen to demonstrate how the world of VP and XR can be adapted for the corporate market. This was the first time Absen have shown its DOOH solutions at ISE, with a new addition to the portfolio – the AW1.9 in partnership with DOOH Click complete management platform. To top it off, we were also very proud to have been a founding company of the ISE Content Production & Distribution Zone, gave us the opportunity so show Absen LED at its very best


Highlights of Absen’s ISE

  • Absen’s new flagship Virtual Production solution, the PR 2.5. A revolutionary product with ultimate display performance, the PR 2.5 offers a wide colour gamut, fast heat dissipation and delivers a 16% reduction in power consumption compared with older products. With the customized lock system, users can quickly complete installations including hanging, stacking and other rental and staging layouts. The booth featured a typical VP set up, showcasing partner technologies from ARRI and Brompton


  • The AW1.9 is a new addition to Absen’s DOOH portfolio and was exhibited for the first time at ISE. Absen is partnering with DOOH Click complete management platform to support both the AW1.9 and AW2.5 versions of this range of Outdoor LED solutions. Offering ultra-bright performance in rugged design to suit all conditions, the Absen AW Series provides exquisite picture quality with the reliable, high-quality performance expected with all Absen products.


  • As part of the Data Visualisation Clear Cobalt Series, the CL1.2 MicroLED solution, with black coating technology and Absen's black calibration technology, not only has a non-reflective surface, but also produces vivid colours for true to nature images. With high reliability, wide colour gamut and full flip chip technology this product redefines reality.


  • As the hero product for rental and staging and XR stages, the PL2.5 Pro V2 is thin and lightweight for easy operation. Offered in multiple pixel pitches ranging from 1.9mm to 4.8mm, it also supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) display, capable of producing more realistic and colorful images and with a grayscale up to 16bit. The award-winning PL series is the recommended solution for all live events. The PL Series is a high-performance, broadcast grade, high-definition display with high-grade electronics and advanced mechanical design.


  • The NX series, is a creative slim display with unparalleled visual effect, available in four pixel pitches (1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2.5mm and 3.7mm). The NX series can create various shapes such as curve, right angle, cube, etc., and can be widely used in commercial display scenarios such as corporate and retail stores. Creasplay, the NX1.8mm formed a key feature of Absen’s ISE booth.




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