Midwich Portugal welcomes Avolites to its represented catalog

Midwich Portugal, a company belonging to the Midwich Group, is pleased to announce the addition of Avolites to its esteemed and growing portfolio of represented brands in Portugal following a distribution agreement.

Avolites is a renowned British manufacturer of visual control systems for the entertainment industry, whose portfolio is designed and manufactured entirely in London. With over 45 years of experience and driven by the power of technological innovation and a dedicated team of highly qualified professionals, Avolites produces high-quality, intuitive, and durable products, including lighting consoles, media servers, networking systems, and dimmers, meeting the increasingly demanding requirements of the market.

Paul Wong, Managing Director of Avolites Ltd, comments: "We are very excited to welcome Midwich Portugal to the global distribution network, representing Portugal. Their team has great energy and enthusiasm, along with years of experience in the industry. Welcome to the Avolites family".


We are impressed with Midwich Portugal's plans to further develop the Avolites brand in Portugal, with a commitment to providing the best service and support within the country, backed by the recent dispatch of their technical team to our offices in London. We are confident that they will soon become experts in the field and provide the best response to our loyal customers.


Pere Castro, General Manager of EARPRO&EES, adds: "Very excited to incorporate Avolites as a top brand in controls in the entertainment market and start our adventure with the great human and professional team representing the brand in the Portuguese market".

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