TEC Audio invests in DMT Alpha Series

TEC Audio has invested in DMT's Alpha Series LED panels and hardware in order to expand its services. They have purchased a significant number of Alpha Series A2.6i - Indoor and the necessary rigging to create a complete set that is great for corporate events and dry hire.

In a strategic move to enhance their audiovisual offerings, TEC Audio, based in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, has recently made a significant investment in a fleet of DMT Alpha Series A2.6i - Indoor LED panels and associated hardware.

TEC Audio Highlite 1 HI


With 64 units of the DMT Alpha Series A2.6i - Indoor LED panels they showcase their commitment to delivering impeccable visual experiences. These panels are designed to meet the demands of diverse events, offering great clarity and vibrant colours. The A2.6i panels are very versatile, making them an ideal choice for corporate events and dry hire setups.


To ensure a seamless and dynamic display, TEC Audio has acquired 8x Case for 8x DMT Alpha Series, 5x DMT Double Rigging Bar for Alpha Series, 1x DMT Single Rigging Bar for Alpha Series, 16x DMT Stacking Brackets for Premiere and Alpha Series LED screens, and a Front Service Vacuum Tool.

TEC Audio Highlite 3 HI   TEC Audio Highlite 1 HI


This comprehensive rigging setup not only guarantees stability and safe transport, but also provides flexibility in configuring the LED screens for various event spaces. This addition underscores the adaptability of the Alpha Series panels, allowing for creative configurations to meet the specific requirements of any event. Whether it's a corporate presentation or an exciting sports broadcast, TEC Audio is well-equipped to cater to diverse client needs. The Vacuum Tool ensures quick and hassle-free access to the LED panels for any necessary maintenance or adjustments.

To deliver great AV solutions, TEC Audio also invested in a Novastar VX1000 all-in-one video processor. This powerful processor ensures smooth and high quality video playback, enhancing the overall performance of the DMT Alpha Series LED panels.

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