MOONBEARS distributes ROXX in the Netherlands

ROXX® is happy to once again announce the further expansion of its international distribution network. MOONBEARS, a distributor of professional solutions based in Breda, the Netherlands, is now exclusively distributing the innovative ROXX fixtures, which have won the hearts of lighting designers worldwide in the blink of an eye, in the Netherlands.


With MOONBEARS, ROXX is joining forces with a sales partner whose unconventional, open-minded and future-orientated philosophy fits perfectly with the Cologne-based company's understanding of the market. Unpretentious, direct and personal - this is how MOONBEARS has been successfully managing its customer and supplier relationships for many years now.


Patrick Veldman, co-owner of MOONBEARS, is delighted to be able to add such a promising brand as ROXX to the company's portfolio:


We are very proud to announce our collaboration with ROXX. As industry experts and entertainment enthusiasts, we are big fans of this creative brand. ROXX truly is a cool brand that is causing a stir worldwide. In addition, ROXX products are exceptionally well-engineered and prove that German precision does still exist. It is a genuine high-end brand in the entertainment industry. I believe that ROXX and MOONBEARS are also a very good match in terms of people and the way we work.




Michael Staffopoulos welcomes MOONBEARS to the ROXX family: "ROXX and MOONBEARS - it's a perfect match. Everyone involved quickly agreed on that. We really appreciate working with Patrick and his team. They are just as enthusiastic about our products as we are and are really looking forward to introducing them to their customers. Like us, MOONBEARS have a partnership approach that is all about creating real win-win situations and establishing long-term relationships. Their market knowledge and deep understanding of our industry will be a major factor in driving the ROXX brand forward in the Netherlands. We are very much looking forward to the collaboration".

"Every single ROXX product - whether from the Show, Cluster or Flex series - is fantastic and a testament to careful development and the highest quality craftsmanship", Patrick Veldman continues, explaining the reasons for the sales takeover.


We expect our customers to be particularly enthusiastic about the Cluster series. The way in which all the products in the Cluster range can be grouped and connected is remarkably clever and impressive. It may seem simple, but it takes a lot of experience, understanding and expertise to create products of this calibre. And we are very much looking forward to wowing our customers with it.



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