High-quality truss from the TAF brand: The FACTORY

Going forward, TAF will have a new focus on the manufacture of its high-quality TAF-branded truss, continuous improvement of its exceptional customer service, and delivery of its Truss on Time promise. This change also reaffirms TAF’s commitment to earning and maintaining the trust of its countless customers around the world.


We are very excited to announce that this mysterious truss brand – The FACTORY - is Truss Aluminium Factory (TAF) and its new face is a redesigned logo that is being uncovered today via the release of a dynamic video!



The redesigned TAF logo not only serves as the new face of the brand, but a symbol of its evolution as a leading truss manufacturer and new strategic direction as The FACTORY.

After more than 25 years on the global market, the TAF brand is now blazing a new trail in its ongoing development as one of the world's premier truss manufacturers!

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