NAO Pool Club revitalizes its vibe with DAS Audio

The iconic NAO Pool Club in Marbella, renowned for its sophisticated daytime party atmosphere alongside its spectacular pool, has recently upgraded its sound system to further enhance the experience of its guests.


DAS Audio was chosen to equip the club with the latest sound technology. The installation was designed and executed by SPL Audiosistemas, a team with vast experience and reputation in the sector.


Before the upgrade, NAO was outfitted with multiple small-format sound systems scattered throughout the club to minimize noise pollution to nearby residents. This approach, although suitable in contexts where background sound is sufficient, like in a restaurant, did not meet the demands of an electronic and urban music club.

DAS Audio NAO Pool 3 HI

When the SPL team began the design, it was clear that they would use an array format system for the main sound system, ensuring controlled, perfect, and coherent coverage, minimizing potential cancellations and, of course, preventing sound leakage outside NAO.

This main system was supplemented by other systems from the same brand. In the primary sound system, four Event-26A systems were installed on each side, offering a maximum power of 800 watts and a frequency response from 76 Hz to 19 kHz. These two-way speakers feature a 1,75″ coil compression driver and two 6,5″ speaker, delivering a dynamic response and excellent sound clarity. An additional three units were used for a central channel, ensuring perfect coverage in the front area of the cabin.

For lower frequencies, two Artec-322S subwoofer units were installed. These high-power subwoofers with a frequency response of 37 Hz to 300 Hz and a maximum power of 3,200 watts, equipped with two 12″ speakers, produce deep and powerful bass.

DAS Audio NAO Pool 2 HI   DAS Audio NAO Pool 4 HI


Furthermore, four units of the Artec-508 model were installed in the pool area as an extension of the primary sound system. These white, two-way speakers, with a maximum power of 1200 watts and a frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz, feature an 8″ LF speaker and a 1.4″ compression driver, ensuring a balanced and clear sound. Complementing these, two units of the Artec-506 model were installed in the restaurant area. The white color of these speakers helps them blend seamlessly with the venue’s aesthetic.


In summary, thanks to the installation carried out by SPL Audiosistemas, NAO Pool Club has improved the sound quality and overall experience, achieving an increase in sound pressure and a significant reduction in exterior noise.


This change has revitalized the club’s atmosphere, reinforcing its position as an essential destination for lovers of electronic and urban music in Marbella.

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