Battle Champs celebrates hip hop’s 50th in Times Square with DAS Audio

There is no better stage to celebrate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop than its birthplace. New York has been celebrating the genre’s half-century mark with an ongoing series of events, one of the biggest being the Battle Champs competition in Times Square, arranged by Beats, Rhymes and Relief and sponsored by Snipes, with powerful sound provided by DAS Audio.

The Battle Champs event is one of several created to benefit the Culture Fund, an organization that focuses on giving back to the same communities that have played a role in fostering the evolution of hip-hop since its inception in the 1970s. The three-day festival celebrated what has been labeled the Five Elements of hip-hop culture: MCs, DJs, graffiti artists, breakdancers, and beatboxers, and culminated with the crowning of Kings and Queens in each category.


Celebrated DJ GrandMixer DXT played a major role in putting the event together, including specifying the DAS sound system.


DAS Audio Baggle Champs 2 HI

DXT, widely credited as the first DJ to use a turntable as an instrument, is a hip-hop pioneer whose unique scratching style first appeared on Herbie Hancock’s 1983 Grammy- winning cut Rockit, from the album Future Shock.

The Times Square crowd was treated to sneaker-shaking beats courtesy of the DAS Audio system, with the main stage sporting a dozen Event-208A powered 3-way systems, with six Event-121A 21-inch subs delivering more than enough power to satiate the break dancing crowds. A pair of Vantec-20A active curved source boxes provided center fills.

On stage, performers got more than enough momentum from the monitors with just a pair of Event-M210A wedges in front, along with side fills including Vantec-15A tops and Vantec-18A subs. A pair of Action-M512A boxes added punch to the DJ station.

DAS Audio Baggle Champs 3 HI


A single DSP-2060A DSP unit and DAS Audio’s ALMA system software was all that was needed to control system drive and processing for the entire rig, delivering tight, focused sound to the exuberant crowds celebrating this momentous occasion at one of the world’s most renowned urban plazas.


The world has been celebrating Hip-Hop’s milestone all year, but the Battle Champs event in Times Square really brings it home to where the music was born. What an honor to be here in this iconic place. The sound was amazing, and the crowds absolutely loved it, remarked DXT. 

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