Renovation of the sound system at Hipotels Barrosa Palace Hotel

Hipotels Hotels & Resorts has completed the renovation process of one of its flagship properties during this year, the 5-star Barrosa Palace hotel, located in a key tourism destination on the coast of Cadiz, in the Novo Santi Petri development in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz).

This comprehensive renovation included the remodeling of common spaces such as the lobby reception, dining areas both indoors and outdoors, meeting rooms, and leisure areas like the gym and spa, as well as the disco theater.

With a focus on modernization and optimizing services for clients, Hipotels has once again entrusted the installation division of the company MULTISON.


With over 25 years of experience in the industry and with the support of the engineering department of EARPRO&EES, MULTISON has integrated cutting-edge technological solutions in the new spaces, highlighting the Q-SYS ecosystem.


Earpro Hotel Barrosa 2 HI   Earpro Hotel Barrosa 6 HI



QSC and Q-SYS, the heart of the sound project

The AcousticDesign series of speakers from QSC, both surface-mounted and flush-mounted, combined with the Q-SYS platform for overall system control, have been the heart of the sound project. With over 150 speaker points, mainly based on the models AD-C4T-WH and AD-C6T-WH, they have equipped various common and dining areas, as well as leisure areas, providing premium sound where performance, quality, and aesthetics are fundamental requirements. All of this, combined with easy installation and high weather resistance in outdoor areas.

The Q-SYS ecosystem, led by the DSP model Core110, responsible for the processing and general distribution of the sound system, integrates the power stages of the CX-Q series and numerous remote controls model AXON C1, as well as the touchscreen model TSC 70, which gives us a general view and monitoring of the entire system. All these elements, including the CX-Q stages, form an IP network that offers us a completely versatile installation, thanks to the manageable switches of the M4250 family from NETGEAR. 

Simultaneously, for the disco theater space, JBL PRO speakers have been installed, relying on the AE Expansion series for this occasion. These are the models AC299 and AC115S for the main area, and the model AC195 for reinforcement areas; which, thanks to their finish and easy assembly, offer a quality system for the different applications of the space.

JBL has also contributed its full-range curved boxes model Control CRV to the sound systems, which, thanks to their design, have been perfectly integrated into the reception area.

Meeting rooms have marked another focus of the project, for which surface-mounted two-way speakers in white, model AD-S6T-WH from the AcousticDesign series of QSC, amplified with QSC class D series power stages MP-A, including switched power supply for high efficiency and low consumption, have been installed.

Earpro Hotel Barrosa 5 HI   Earpro Hotel Barrosa 4 HI



Atlona, Panasonic, and Robe consolidate the commitment to revolutionary technology

For the distribution, connectivity, and control of the audio and video signal in the rooms, the ATLONA brand has been chosen, specifically the multiformat switcher UHD-CLSO-601 from the UHD series, which is complemented by various extenders based on HDbaseT technology.

The meeting rooms have been equipped with PANASONIC projectors, highlighting the model PT-VMZ61, laser technology, and with a Ratio range of 1.09-1.77:1.

In the spectacular lighting section of the disco theater, the base equipment has been complemented with the moving heads Cuete from ROBE. This 120W LED spot with TE technology, with its small size and quality, provides 5,300 lumens, a 16º zoom (expandable to 22º with the lens kit), a static and rotating gobo wheel, a color wheel, Frost, a six-sided circular prism, and color mixing.


In short, a 360º project with special attention to sound that has met the expectations and requirements in terms of quality and performance requested by the client, as stated by Enrique Leal, head of the installation department at MULTISON.

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