Premium sound from KV2 Audio for the F1 Arcade

Birmingham’s latest high-adrenalin attraction – the new F1 Arcade in Chamberlain Square – has become the latest venue to benefit from a high-quality AV solution supplied and integrated by TVC Technology Solutions.

F1 Arcade is an exhilarating F1 racing experience that promises to evoke your inner champion with no fewer than 53 bespoke full-motion racing simulators that can cater to every level of driving skill – and all in a sleek, classy environment that also offers a tantalising range of culinary delights accompanied by an extensive selection of cocktails, champagne, fine wines and beers.


TVC delivered a comprehensive multi-zone audio system from KV2 to help create the pulsating energy of the race circuit. The experience is completed by an array of huge TV screens so that fans can watch the ‘real’ motor racing with live commentary, entertainment and the guarantee of an absolutely electric atmosphere.


KV2 F1 10 HI   KV2 F1 2 HI


Having installed the F1 Arcade in London, the world’s first official Formula 1® simulator racing experience, the operators Kindred Spirits Ltd. had no hesitation in turning to TVC to equip their second venue in Birmingham.  The difference was that by this time, TVC had discovered KV2. TVC’s Technical AV Manager and co-owner, Tiago Borges takes up the story:


Our KV2 journey started with a demo that really opened my eyes – or rather my ears – to something that I found truly special. From that point on, it was a real thrill to be able to present such quality to our clients, especially for premium sites where audio quality is king. We were fortunate enough that Kindred Spirits trusted us to test a KV2 solution by reinforcing the existing F1 Arcade installation in London – we added a pair of EX26 active loudspeakers to the main zone, and the results were stunning, he recalls.


“This convinced the client to invest in a premium audio system for their new venue in Birmingham”, continues Borges. “With the guidance and expertise of KV2’s specialists, we were able to present a solution that would perfectly suit the multiple requirements of the venue, from late night DJ performances to corporate events, and especially for commentary during the venue’s F1 Watch Parties”.

KV2 F1 4 HI   KV2 F1 6 HI


TVC’s brief was to build on the success of the London venue, replicating the high-end, competitive racing experience in Birmingham for the ultimate in social gaming. “Formula 1 is a major global sport that attracts huge crowds, and the F1 Arcade venues have become a prime spot for fans to immerse themselves in the adrenaline of a live F1 race”, remarks Borges. “The experience on site relies on the atmosphere created by the décor and lighting, and especially the AV element with large screens across the venue and a huge LED wall as a centre point. Sound is the element that you can’t see, but can make or break the experience, especially in a challenging situation like F1 Arcade where the audio content involves noise from cars, the track, plus interviews and commentary in the worst conditions".


KV2 made it easy at every level – the high intelligibility of their loudspeakers ensures that the commentary is always clear and detailed, even against the hostile background of an F1 racetrack. It is easy to deliver fantastic reproduction of music, (mainly DJs) and it was incredibly easy to set up and tune the system. With loudspeakers that are as finely developed and beautifully built as KV2, it takes less time to accomplish a truly rewarding outcome where the sound adds immense value to the experience.


As customers enter the arcade, they are met with a wall of low-level, yet powerful sound from KV2’s ESD5 2-way full range passive loudspeakers, immediately catapulting them into the atmosphere of an F1 event. Their low profile and impressive size-to-performance ratio makes them an ideal choice in environments where space needs to be maximised, but sound quality is paramount.

KV2 F1 11 HI   KV2 F1 1 HI


Throughout the rest of the venue including the multiple gaming zones, bar area and restaurant, TVC opted for the slightly larger format ESD6 and ESD8 mid- high loudspeakers from the same range; both models are renowned for their exceptional speech and music definition and high output in a compact form factor. In the areas requiring more robust low-end reinforcement, TVC added EX1.2 active subwoofers. Power is supplied by KV2’s ESP2000 and ESP4000 amplifiers.

Audio control and DSP is handled via a Symetrix Prism 16x16 open-architecture DSP engine, enabling audio to be played back across multiple zones and synchronised with the video displays for an immersive and cohesive audio- visual experience. An intuitive user interface - which sits alongside the NetworkHD Touch app from Wyrestorm controlling all the video streams - allows F1 Arcade Birmingham to remotely control and monitor the full AV system from any compatible mobile device or tablet, enabling effortless management of each zone for maximum flexibility and seamless operation.


The client is happy, and we are proud of a premium site delivered to the highest standards. We will most definitely repeat the recipe in the near future!, notes Borges in conclusion. 

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