Deneva marks the countdown to the 2024 Goya Awards

The Valladolid City Council, in collaboration with DENEVA, has heightened anticipation for the Goya Awards, scheduled for February 10th in the city, through the installation of two giant screens powered by the advanced technology of its digital signage software.

Since last week, these striking screens displayed at strategic points in the city synchronize the remaining days, minutes, and seconds until the start of the prestigious Spanish film awards.


Driven by DENEVA's Digital Signage software, the screens not only provide an accurate countdown but also showcase relevant content related to pre-ceremony activities and highlight the nominated films.


One of the screens has been strategically placed on the facade of the City Hall, aiming to engage the Valladolid community in various activities around this significant cinematic event.

DENEVA Goya 2 HIThe second screen, located at the train station, stands as a warm welcome to visitors arriving in the city to enjoy the event.

The highlight of this initiative is DENEVA's software's ability to efficiently and dynamically manage real-time content, providing an interactive and immersive experience for viewers. In addition to the countdown, the screens display detailed information about pre-Goya activities and offer exclusive views of the nominated films.

In an effort to take the Goya experience to the next level, the screens will not only serve as a constant visual reminder but will also broadcast the gala live, giving viewers a unique opportunity to participate in this exciting event from various points in the city.

DENEVA, with its advanced Digital Signage software, once again demonstrates its ability to transform urban environments into interactive and dynamic platforms. The installation of these screens in Valladolid highlights DENEVA's commitment to providing innovative technological solutions that enhance the connection between cities and their citizens.

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