Sea lions perform under the Showtec lights

The Ouwehands Zoo in Rhenen (Netherlands) first opened its doors to the public on June 18, 1932. Today, it is a modern zoo with a strong focus on animal and nature conservation, aiming to educate visitors on these crucial subjects.


Recently, the audiovisual installation of the sea lion theater underwent a major renovation, with STS Productions, specialists in light, sound, and imagery, playing a key role alongside Lightworx.


The commission for the new audiovisual installation included new lighting, flexible show control, user-friendly operation, and a suitable system for business meetings. STS Productions, the technical producer of the project, started by repositioning the existing lighting to illuminate the water, and new lights were installed to illuminate the stands, stage, and edges around the pool. Two 20-meter trusses were suspended above the stands on both sides, each holding six Showtec Performer 1500 Fresnel Q6, six Showtec Performer Profile 600 MKIII, and four Showtec Performer Pendant 150 Q6. Each unit operates silently and has a high CRI for accurate color representation.

Highlite Showtec 2 HI   Highlite Showtec 3 HI


The Fresnels project a bright and soft light field, each equipped with a barndoor to shape the beam as needed. Eight of the Performers were equipped with a zoom lens, while the remaining four had a fixed lens attached. The pendant lamps were also equipped with a lens that provided a wider beam angle. Thirty-four 50mm quick couplers and eight compact 50mm rotating couplers from Showgear were used to securely attach the units to the trusses, with eight Showgear Powerport 4 supplying power.

To meet other project requirements, STS Productions collaborated with Lightworx in installing a flexible and easy-to-use control system. This not only allows Ouwehands Zoo staff to manage everything during the sea lion show but also enables external individuals to control the audiovisual material during business events.


With the new system, the sea lion theater at Ouwehands Zoo can deliver an incredible show, while external parties now have a unique venue for hosting business meetings.

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