New firmware 2.21 for Infinity Chimp DMX consoles

Highlite announces the release of firmware version 2.21 for the Chimp DMX consoles, a comprehensive update that provides lighting professionals with advanced features and improvements to streamline their creative processes.


With a range of innovative features, bug fixes, and enhancements, this update redefines the possibilities of lighting control.

Highlite Chimp 3 HI   Highlite Chimp 2 HI


Chimp 2.21 introduces the Cuelist Pause feature, giving users even more control over their lighting cues. This function is seamlessly accessible through multiple inputs including fader buttons, MIDI, DMX In, Cuelist Commands, and Virtual Executors, adding flexibility to performances. The new Tap Speed capability revolutionises the way effects are managed, allowing users to seamlessly synchronize effects. While effects remain in sync with the global synchronisation, their speed is now calculated as a rate based on 60 BPM, ensuring consistent synchronicity even within cues with varying speeds. The new firmware introduces FX Speed Master Settings, which allow users to manage effect speeds with precision. These settings can be configured either as absolute (BPM) or relative (0-100%), allowing users to control the pace of their effects effortlessly.


Chimp firmware version 2.21 includes a comprehensive set of bug fixes and enhancements, addressing issues such as default library settings, multicell fixture patch behaviour, and more. These improvements ensure a seamless user experience and contribute to the console’s reliability.


Highlite Chimp 4 HI   Highlite Chimp 5 HI



We remain committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for the lighting industry. Firmware Version 2.21 demonstrates our commitment to innovation, ease of use, and reliability, providing lighting professionals with a tool that enhances their creativity and performances, said Highlite’s Chimp development team. 


To upgrade to Chimp firmware version 2.21 and explore the new features, you can conveniently use the Chimp software update function or download the latest firmware from the manufacturer’s product pages.

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