Emelec Víascom's professional cable with excellent mechanical properties

Emelec Víascom presents the 8-conductor speaker cable with a 4.00mm² section of OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper), expanding its range of multi-way hoses for speaker signals.


This new speaker cable is made with highly flexible and pleasant-to-touch PVC. The thickness of the cover provides robustness and flexibility, even when compared to models with smaller sections and/or fewer conductors. Additionally, it is characterized by good mechanical properties, making it suitable for intensive and prolonged use.


Emelec Q15 840N 1 HI   Emelec Q15 840N 2 HI


Suitable for connection using Speaker connectors, banana-type connectors, and other connectors intended for audio applications.

Features of the new Q15-840N speaker hose:

  • 8-conductor cable with a 4.00mm² section.
  • Filastic wire with only 0.15 mm diameter of OFC (Oxygen-Free Copper) with 99.99% purity and high resistance to oxidation.
  • Extra flexible and pleasant-to-touch FR-PVC cover that does not propagate flame with Ø17.50mm.
  • Presentation: 250m coils and also cut to length.

Emelec Q15 840N 4 HI

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