INFiLED unveils control room solutions at Intersec KSA 

INFiLED will be exhibiting at Intersec KSA, an event that promises to deliver an immersive experience where attendees can explore cutting- edge innovations and strategies to help companies stay at the forefront of the security industry.

It´s INFiLED’s first year at Intersec KSA and they will do this among a strong collaboration with CTF and Haivision, a leading provider of mission- critical video solutions.


At booth 1-C36, INFiLED will introduce a game- changing solution for control rooms: the WP 1.2 and WP 1.5 displays. The aim is to replicate the ideal control room environment through these displays which offer a host of advantages that improve control room operations experiences.


In addition, INFiLED is proud to unveil one of its latest innovations, the WT 0.9, at Intersec 2023. This remarkable display represents a leap for visual technology, offering exceptional performance and versatility across a range of applications.

INFiLED’s collaboration alongside industry leaders Haivision and CTF brings together the expertise and innovation of three pioneering companies,united by a common purpose: to redefine and advance control room solutions. Moreover, the shared purpose between these parts is to create a control room ecosystem that is adaptable, efficient, and future- ready.


INFiLED’s LED Solutions at Intersec KSA:


WP Series 1.25 and 1.5

The WP 1.25 and WP 1.5 displays are engineered for impeccable clarity and precision. With pixel pitches of 1.25mm and 1.5mm respectively, every detail is rendered with stunning accuracy. This level of resolution ensures that critical information is presented with utmost clarity, enabling decision-makers to act swiftly and confidently.

The product feature front service modules for efficient hassle-free maintenance, resulting in minimal screen downtime. The innovation service tool ensures the panel is protected during maintenance. The WP series provides a new level of flexibility when it comes to using LED screens for corporate, education, and hotels environments, control rooms,broadcast, event centers, indoor advertising, digital signage and many more,offering high-performance visuals for customers, partners, and employees.

Both WP 1.25 and WP 1.5 displays strike the perfect balance between versatility and image quality. They are equally at home in control rooms,collaborative workspaces, and conference areas. This versatility allows you to adapt your control room to changing needs without compromising on visual excellence.

InfiLed Intersec 2 HI


WP 0.9

INFiLED’s WP 0.9 display is characterized by its vibrant colors,exceptional contrast, and true-to-life image quality. It thrives in bothwell-lit and low- light conditions, consistently delivering stunning visuals that enhance situational awareness and decision-making.

WP 0.9 versatility extends to many applications, whether it's a control room, a collaborative workspace, or an executive briefing room, this display adapts seamlessly to your needs without compromising on image quality or performance.

This innovative product WP 0.9 is a powerful tool for control roomoperators and decision-makers. Its exceptional image quality and ultra-finepixel pitch enable faster and more accurate data analysis, making it aninvaluable asset in mission-critical scenarios where every second counts.

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